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King HTC Evo 4g of c network 4g network flagship machine to bre

(Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports) on April 29, 2011, today HTC EVO 4G (revision) "HTC phones" had arrived, merchants quote 2,799 Yuan, included accessories: single, form filling, data cable, manual. HTC EVO 4G is a c network 4G network 4.3-inch screen mobile phone. Figure HTC EVO 4G HTC EVO 4G 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 480*800, looks pretty good. this machine adopts the Android OS v2.1 operating system, expand the performance is pretty good, high-throughput Snapdragon QSD8650 CPU operation speed of 1GHz, overall operations flourished. the machines in the network using CDMA2000 network supporting telecommunication service, experience good. photo HTC EVO 4G photo HTC EVO 4GHTC EVO 4G (Sprint Edition) listing date 2010 phone type 4G phone, smartphones, camera phones, Business mobile design bar home screen size 4.3 inch touch screen capacitive material TFT screen home screen home screen main screen color resolution 480x800 pixels 16 million colors Qualcomm CDMA2000 network mode support for the band 2G:CDMA1X 800/19003G:CDMA EVDO 800/1900MHz Android OS v2.1CPU models Snapdragon QSD8650 MicroSD card the memory card type virtual keyboard QWERTY keyboard phone records have been missed call handsfree call support support standby picture support edit comments: HTC EVO 4G is quite overbearing top in hardware configuration, The area of performance quite excellent. the machine maximum of features is used has CDMA2000 of 3G network, Internet speed fast, and the machine also used has 4G network technology, quite hegemony, while cannot in domestic using also slightly explicit regret, but the machine of powerful of configuration and network parameter also is let general user feel to the machine of charm. now this paragraph machine of price constantly declined, currently quotes 2,799 Yuan, like of friends keep concern about. HTC EVO 4G (revision machine)[ reference price]2799[ sales business][ business phone, HTC cell phone city]15120006221[ shop address], Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun electronic city office building 15 room 1516A※ Above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 7 days within. ※ Please you in and businesses contact purchased Shi mentioned trading sources is Zhongguancun online, This can be reported in accordance with market prices to mobile phones. Furthermore, aware of the business name and address when buying, in the event of disputes, facilitate the coordination process. investigation on the knowledge of small chips

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Four-quarter of Nokia's first meego no Android plan

Nokia four quarter made first MeeGo no Android plans face now Android traverse, Apple iPhone alone solitary seeking defeated of situation, we don't forget, actually real of boss also is Nokia. Yes, is that down of Nokia. abroad media recently on Nokia implementation Deputy President and market Director Niklas Savander Mr for has interview, interview problem covers has we comparison concern of several aspects, such as when sale Nokia N8, and When to launch the first MeeGo systems Smartphone, Nokia is interested in Android, as well as whether it will launch a tablet. below is an exclusive interview with outline, want to be able to answer your question: Niklas Savander Mr 1. what Nokia is prepared when the N8? A: Nokia will be available for sale before the end of the third quarter of this year the N8, product positioning high-end smart models, first choose in the United States listed, with operators will later implement. 2. q: when the first MeeGo phone system will be listed? A: first run MeeGo phone system will be released before the end of the fourth quarter of this year, it would be a "milestone" meaningful product. for which Nokia has done a great deal of preliminary work, and the rejection of a number of Symbian's "the old infinitive". 3. what Nokia is ever involved in the area of Android? A: Nokia no production system Android Smartphone plan. 4. question: whether Nokia will launch Tablet PC? A: company to tackle this problem now also does not have a definite decision, however, I personally don't prefer larger sizes of mobile terminals, even the large size screen Smartphone are unacceptable,. 5. asking: what is the latest NetBook Nokia plans? A: our first Internet Booklet 3G pricing is a bit high, but it is still for sale. 6. q: Nokia will support 4G network and simulcast of mobile? Reply: on 4G phone, must will has concern. but compared with, LTE than WiMax of possibilities more large. good has, above of 6 a problem is entire interview of outline. we can concluded that of conclusions is, we will soon see Nokia N8, but first MeeGo at least to to next year to buy are, 4G phone on more elusive has. also, Nokia also does not launched large screen of phone, and even is flat computer, more does not involved in Android system, Netbooks are also unknown. but at least Nokia were planned, and very clear development plan, let us concern "North boss" next Ministry of action-NokiaWorld.

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HTC desire s second generation Qualcomm processor and price stab

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) May 23, 2011, HTC Desire S (revision machine) today in businesses "tengda digital" Xia reported out has 2,550 Yuan of price, today price more stability. the machine accessories for single electric single filled, headset, data line, standard. HTC Desire S is a paragraph configuration full mainstream of Android smart phone, in manipulation sexual area has with excellent of performance. figure for HTC Desire SHTC Desire S while screen no upgrade, but appearance is for has again of design, induction type touch press of used, and behind of non-General type Hou cover retractable way, are makes its appearance area has good of performance. and Desire as, Desire S positive also also for a 3.7 inches of capacitor touch screen, 480x800 pixel resolution brings has was satisfaction of displayed effect. and in built-in in the HTC Desire S were picked up recent Android 2.3 smart phones in the operating system, it is Desire can not match. behind the shooting, the mainstream level of a 5 million pixel camera, can also support video recording 720P. photo HTC Desire S photo HTC Desire SHTC Desire S (G12) phone type 3G phone, Smartphone, Camera phone main screen size: 3.7 inch touch screen capacitive screen, multi-touch screen resolution support for the band 2G:GSM 850/900/1800/19003G:WCDMA 900/2100MHz Android OS v2.3CPU 480x800 pixel type high pass frequency 1024MHz fuselage snapdragon MSM8255CPU memory 1.1GB 768MB RAM exquisite colors black, classic blue, silver GPS built-in GPS navigation, support A-GPS3D accelerated support for camera 5 million pixels video recording 720p (1280x720) video recording WLAN WIFI wireless AP support edit comments: even HTC King's treatment of Desire HD do not have access to the latest versions, are reflected in Desire S possession, Because Desire S was its first pick up Android2.3 system of smart phones, so users who value the system version should be more like this phone. Desire S in terms of appearance as well as a built-in, compared to previous Desire has not improved overall usability to better. today the offer price of 2,550 Yuan, is relatively stable, the friends could look like beats by dre pro pas cher. HTC Desire S (revision) reference price]2550[ sales[</CLK% 3E business] ] Tenda digital phone] 010-51195335[ business[ businesses address Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun Hailong building, 8 floor, room 818 more than ※ phone price quotations for purchase, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with or parallel import shop three months cannot be provided, please call complaint Tel: 82616677-8205, (This phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 7 days within. ※ Please you in and businesses contact purchased Shi mentioned trading sources is Zhongguancun online beats by dre, to this can according to trading in the by reported of price purchased to phone. also purchased Shi please remember Qing businesses name and address, once occurred disputes Shi, convenient for coordination processing.

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Front, back, left can slide Fujitsu pushed the new concept pho

For concept phone products, in addition to its elegant of appearance attract people zhiwai, it of features is was aspire of Department. like Qian days we describes of Nokia concept phone is comparison practical and also feast for the of products, today we to see of is from Fujitsu company of a paragraph concept phone. this paragraph concept phone by Fujitsu in recently held of Italy Milan Expo displayed. figure for Fujitsu show of Quartet slide concept phone Fujitsu show of this paragraph concept phone used has "Quartet" slide type design, After about four-direction sliding, by setting up a virtual keyboard, users can import has been completed in the above action. screen size larger than the General slide classified, on which to surf the Web, chat, send and receive e-mail, and so on. hot articles what not to Miss[] · 4,250 Sony Ericsson W810c this arrival of Shenyang[ trading] · bulky diving HP hw6515 220[ trading] · 3,250 sells 3,250 Nova pink music strongly reduced[% 5D · using version up to 900 Notebook price show up[ trading] · 100 Nova 6,670 this small drop and then blasting low[] · Connaught 3,220 more than thousand Yuan[ news] breaking kuangjiang · Motorola V3i plus] blue// violet red 3[ news · Fierce general Moto V3m RAZR Tim music release[ news] ·[ of titanium" music fighter Sony Ericsson W700 debut trading] · 400 NEC N930 then drop explosion Beijing low[ shopping] · ZOL four edits most wanted mobile phone exposure[ evaluation] · m ultra thin slider works motorcycle Z1 evaluation

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Computex06 gigabyte smart mobile TV handsets attractive eyes

Is my Taiwan held of Computex Taipei 2006 exhibition attract has many world and the local manufacturers exhibitors. with plate card territories leader ASUS ASUS as, has been trailing subsequently of Gigabyte gigabyte this times also specialized opened has a space to show own of phone. Although worth a mention of aspect only g-Smart i and g-YoYo this two paragraph products, but also is full indicates that has gigabyte intends to in phone area continues to in-depth of determined to. G-Smart i is a work in the GMS tri-band Smartphone Pocket PC Phone platform of network environment. this machine uses the "Microsoft" company the latest version Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, with dual 64MB memory combinations, supports third-party mini SD the memory card extension, with 2.1 million pixels camera head, MPEG-4, WMA, WMV and MP3 format-compatible multimedia file playback, And built-in Bluetooth v1.2 module and WiFi 802.11b wireless card. also has a thick and long antennae, is because the machine is also capable of receiving PAL/NTSC TV signals. figures for gigabyte's newest mobile phone g-Smart i Gigabyte g-YoYo is equally a work in the GMS tri-band mobile phone in the network environment. the machine is equipped with a 2.1 million effective pixels camera head, owned a Visual area of 2-inch 260,000 color TFT touch screen, and built-in GPS module, can be achieved directly on the mobile phone features such as global satellite positioning and navigation. figures for gigabyte's newest mobile phone g-YoYo

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